I’ve Started But… Five Ways to Get to the Finish Line!

I am such a good starter. My coach told me, think of it as you are great at getting projects “half done”. But finishing, that is another story. I don’t always have the energy or the time to make that happen. So I started thinking about the times when I DID actually finish something and five common steps arose.

There are many ways to begin to finish a project but my go to is to stop debating. Life is full of so many options that at times they keep me from making a decision on which way I want to go. Once I stop this and finally choose what exactly I am trying to accomplish, I begin to see a tiny light at the end of the “get this done” tunnel.

Then I think about the reason behind doing this project and what getting it done would mean to me. The “WHY” behind what I am trying to do is crucial as it provides the fire behind the drive to get something done. I really think that remembering the “WHY” and holding that in your mind’s eye is the key to getting anything accomplished. Once you have that motivation in your mind, you could probably accomplish just about anything.

Along with the “WHY,” I try to simplify what I am trying to accomplish. Since I did so much debating, this project has become complicated in my mind and in reality, there is a simple path to getting it done. I take away what does not need to be part of this project and know I can come back to those other parts another day or with another project. Keeping it simple also means you have the chance to accomplish it and once you do, it will give you confidence and inspiration to fuel you moving to the next and greater project.

Next, I put to work my list making abilities and write down the thing I am trying to accomplish along with listing out the steps I think it will take to get this this project done. I try to write as much of it down as I can as that helps me think about all that there is to accomplish with this project and makes me realize if I am able to write it down, perhaps that means I can get it done too.

Finally and most importantly, I think the number one reason I have finished a project is focus. Nothing else needs to be accomplished. This is your sole goal. You are eating, sleeping, exercising and doing this project. Focusing also means taking away distractions and stopping working on three things at once. When I have focused with laser like precision, I have accomplished things I did not think possible. I became the person of my dreams- the finisher! Most importantly I realized that no matter how good of starter I was, I could also accomplish my goals and make things happen in my world. That builds confidence like you would not believe.

So next time you are stuck in the middle of a half done project, take time to think about these 5 steps and realize your goal is not that far in the distance. With a little clarity, remembering why, simplifying what you are accomplishing, listing out your steps and focusing on getting to the goal, you will be able to finish your next project with ease.


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