Fighting Content Smog with SEO, Social & Mobile Strategies


Many trumpet the death of SEO. Far from it, SEO it’s a baked in prerequisite for any savvy business that wants to stand out in today’s content smogged world.

Great SEO is not nailing jello to the proverbial wall – it’s simply a refined process of making your web site more accessible to search engines, generating more traffic and incremental revenue.

Search Engine Ranking (getting “found” by Google and others) is a combination of: creating and sharing smart content, building a web site that loads under three seconds for your mobile visitor, finite on and off page SEO best practices and aggressively sharing content on social platforms.

Ten Blended Rules for Maximizing Content and SEO Rankings

In today’s media drenched, smartphone always on world smart well written content is the lifeblood your business: it’s visual, informative, topical, well written, engaging your customers with built in calls to action that don’t impede your brand messaging.

Think of Twitter as Google’s new SEO discovery engine – use Twitter to tell Google what new content has been added to your site, with hyperlinks embedded in your Tweets linking to your updated content.

Google’s on and off again “romance” with Twitter the last nine years is back on, and Tweets are again being indexed in real time.

Social media marketing does not replace good SEO strategy and content marketing strategy ever (!!)

No business has any business being on social media until you have a blog in place, with 30-50 posts with 500-750 words per post, great/curated images, infographics and graphics that drive reader engagement.

Always be proactive with Google in an SEO context. Webmaster Tools is getting more enmeshed with Google Analytics and it’s an integral part of your technology stack.

Think about a “searcher” when you create content URLs. Make these intelligent with keywords embedded in the URL string, giving the viewer an immediate sense of what your content is about. Many are on smartphones and in a hurry.

We all live in a world of content smog and standing out necessitates a blend of content marketing and sophisticated SEO best practices.

Content is exploding with 10X growth with 44 Gigabytes of information online by 2020 – if your content does not stand out your brand is not going to get heard.

Great content marketing is always a marathon, not a sprint.

As you start to define your content marketing establish meaningful benchmarks at the outset: visitor growth, incremental revenue, social engagement, newsletter sign ups any meaningful action that’s moving a visitor into your sales funnel.

Five Critical Rules for Creating Quality Content

1. Compelling headlines drive the visitor into your site and content.

2. What’s the DNA of your visitor? Know who they are and write content that resonates with them.

3. Embed some emotion with your content; boredom is boring right?

4. Be concise and integrate facts when/where feasible.

5. Curate your images: don’t think funky low cost images will stand out, they don’t.


Creating great continent is always an iterative process, with a lot of hard work and trial and error baked in to your strategy and tactics.

It’s not easy and if it were, we’d have a lot more Pulitzer Prize winners in our world.

Be patient and look at your analytics and understand bounce rates, referrals and time on site. There’s much more. But, these three metrics are a good place to start.

These give you insight about whether or not your content is well written.

Hire a search engine marketing agency that has deep experience in all facets of content creation, syndication and optimization.

Remember, you are dealing with multiple search engines with shifting algorithms and requirements to get found.

And, your business is competing with millions of other web sites. Standing out takes sophistication in content marketing and tangible SEO best practices.

Sidebar: in fifteen years of working with SEO issues for/with clients I can’t tell you how many regret hiring firms that have no real depth of experience and/or based a decision on the “lowest cost provider.”

Don’t silo your content marketing to one individual or department, especially if you are an enterprise size company.

Great content topics come in all size, shapes, topics and headlines. Involve your customer service and sales teams, query customer about what they’d like to hear and don’t forget about organic issues popping up on your social media accounts.

Marketing can “own” the strategy; but cast a wide net across your company for topics and subjects.

In spite of the endless stream of blog posts calling for the death knell of SEO, it’s a critical part of your marketing strategy and should be blended with all outbound tactical processes: content, email, retargeting, social media, image curation, publishing and syndication.

As long as we have web sites, SEO will be an integral part of any marketing strategy!

It’s systemic to the underlying technology and marketing processes.

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